Exhibition prompt decoder

Exhibition prompt decoder

Our TOK exhibition prompt decoder helps you to understand each of the 35 IA prompts, link them to the core and optional themes, the key concepts and the Big Questions, and explore them via quotes, questions, TED talks, and media sources.

Using the exhibition prompt decoder

Features of the exhibition prompt decoder include the following:

  • A brief summary of what you should be doing with each internal assessment prompt.
  • A link to the relevant Big Question for each prompt.
  • A suggestion of the most closely related key concepts for each prompt.
  • Links to our exploration points, for the core theme, the optional themes, and the areas of knowledge, enabling students to explore all these aspects of TOK in more depth, and fully understand their prompt.
  • Relevant knowledge heroes, whose ideas will help students to understand the prompts, and add authority to the arguments they include in their exhibition commentary.

Accessing the decoder

The Exhibition prompt decoder is accessible to our Full Access members of the site. If you need any help in becoming a member, let us know, and we’ll provide swift support.

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