Global perspectives

Global Perspectives is a IGCSE course taken by students in many schools around the world, and it serves both as a way to help students become authentic critical thinkers, and as great preparation for the demands of TOK.

This new resource provides you with padlets for each of the 22 topics, plus a quick guide to the aims of the course, and the skills it assesses. The padlets feature the latest global media sources, which we help you to unpack in a critical way.

Access the Global Perspectives padlets

Members of the site can now access 22 Global Perspectives padlets, and follow links to relevant mini-lessons and other resources, to understand the Global Perspectives course, and create individual and team reports. We’ve made the first one available to everyone – join us to access the rest!

Explore how artistic expression impacts cultures, communities, and individuals.

Explore the dynamic shifts occurring within societies and their cultural fabric.

Explore the interplay between sustainability, energy consumption, and resource management.

Explore the dynamics surrounding interpersonal and international conflicts.

Explore the processes of economic growth, international trade, and humanitarian assistance.

Explore the impact of technology on societies, cultures, and individuals.

Explore the accessibility and quality of education within different socio-economic realities globally.

Explore different aspects of work, including its economic, social, and cultural implications

Explore the intricate relationship between human activities and the natural world.

Explore the interconnectedness of societies, economies, and cultures on a global scale.

Explore the multifaceted aspects of physical and mental wellness around the world.

Explore the principles, practices, and consequences of legal systems and criminal behaviour.

Explore the role and impact of the media in shaping opinion, and disseminating information.

Explore the interplay between human movement and the growth of urban areas.

Explore the dynamics of governance, authority, and activism within societies.

Explore the complex social and economic disparities prevalent in societies worldwide.

Explore the mechanisms which form our identity, and the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion.

Explore the intersection of physical activity, leisure, and societal dynamics.

Explore the relationship between technology and industrial practices, and how they impact the world.

Explore the connections between global transportation, mobility, and the tourism industry.

Explore the ethical principles and ideologies that shape individual and collective worldviews.

Explore the connections between sustenance, sustainability, and global food systems.

Check the way the course is assessed, via the exam, and the individual and collective reports.

Check the skills that you’ll need to develop, and produce great assessment products.

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