Demystifying TOK for teachers

How do you introduce TOK to your faculty? How do you persuade them it’s an essential part of the DP experience? How do you support them in delivering TOK in their classes? How do you get them to help the students with essays and exhibitions?

This webinar answers these question, and includes a ready-to-use presentation that can be used in an introductory workshop for your faculty, discussing the basics of TOK, its potential, and integration strategies linking the course to the different DP subject groups.

Purchase a ticket for the event 25 Apr 2024 / 2.00 PM (UK time)

TOK can seem esoteric, unapproachable, and irrelevant, but all DP teachers are nevertheless expected to refer to it extensively in their classroom, and explore links between the course and their own subject. This webinar will help you to sell the course to your faculty, demonstrating that it can be drawn on easily, and will both enrich their lessons, and help them to link what they teach to the real-world.

The webinar comes complete with a ready-to-use workshop presentation that can be used directly with your members of staff to demonstrate the basics of TOK, showcase its potential, and outline how it can be linked to different subject groups. note that students looking for a quick-start guide to the course can check out our other Demystifying webinar here.

Tickets give access to the 90-minute event on Thursday 25 April, the video recording, the webinar presentation, the workshop presentation, and our responses to FAQs.

About the webinar leader: Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn is the Cambridge-based founder of He has worked as a teacher for over 25 years, and has led TOK workshops in schools all over the world. He is one of the world’s most innovative and influential TOK educators.

His PD sessions are highly interactive, clear, and jargon-free, and offer participants practical takeaways that can be used effectively in the classroom. Find out more about him on this page, and see testimonials about his support from members of the site here.

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