Investigating issues

Investigating Issues offers you a completely new way to plan and teach TOK, integrate it with the rest of the DP, and support students as they search for real-life situations to support their essays and exhibition commentaries.

The resource curates 150 major global issues (and counting!), provides a diverse collection of media sources to explore each one, and suggests ways to link them to TOK course via the themes, AOKs, themes, and 12 key concepts.

Download a sample version of Investigating Issues

Here’s a sample of the Investigating Issues resource, which includes a selection of the 150 topics that feature in the full version. To gain access to the complete version, become a Faculty Member of the site here.

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Help your learners to exit their echo chambers!

Our online and in-person workshops offer the usual support for students writing the essay and exhibition, and TOK departments designing great courses.

But our training sessions go much further than this: by focusing on authentic critical thinking, they demonstrate how to help learners confront, rather than confirm, their biases and assumptions, and exit their echo chambers. This makes them accessible and relevant for all teachers, whatever their subject or programme. Read more here.