Manual payment gateway

Manual payment gateway

Use the manual payment gateway to set up a non-recurring membership, make a multiple school purchase, or upgrade from an old to a new membership. After you’ve made your payment, we’ll set up your account, and send you the login details.

If you have any questions about alternative methods of paying, purchase order, invoices, sole-source letters, budget concerns, or any other issues relating to payment, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll find a solution to whatever issue you may have!

Memberships to the site

Choose the Full access faculty membership if you are going to share your login with multiple members of staff, and provide your students with copies of our resources. Choose the Individual access membership if you are accessing the site on your own, and will be using the resources for your own learning or professional development.

Faculty upgrade

If you want to update your membership to a Faculty membership, giving you access to all our new resources, such as the Classic TOK lessons, the TOK mini-lessons, the middle-years newsletter, and the padlets, select the faculty upgrade option.

We’ll change the status of your membership as soon as your transaction has gone through, and be in touch via email to confirm that your membership has been successfully upgraded.

Online video courses

Our online video courses will help you to take ownership of the TOK course, regardless of your level of DP experience. The courses are asynchronous, video-driven, and come with plenty of support notes and links to our resources.

This payment portal allows you to purchase multiple courses: we’ll be in touch as soon as your transaction has gone through, and explain how to get started with your course.

Elite faculty membership

Elite faculty membership provides all the features of faculty membership, plus dedicated support to help you create a brilliant TOK experience for your students and staff.

This includes an video call to discuss your department, an online integration training session, and email support focusing on issues such as designing your scheme of work, keeping lessons engaging and authentic, and helping students with the assessment tasks.

Note that we will only be offering a maximum of 12 elite faculty memberships per year to schools around the world. Spaces are currently available.

Contact us about purchasing a membership

We’ll be happy to answer any question you might have about our memberships or upgrades.

Talk to us about budget concerns, purchase orders, invoices, sole source letters, bank transfers, or however else you want to pay, and we’ll find a solution to whatever issue you may have!