Sample real-world resources

Sample real-world resources

Our real world resources invite teachers and learners to apply TOK to the real-world, and use the concepts, ideas, and aspects of the course to make sense of what’s going on around the globe.

Download a selection of free samples of these resources below.

Sample real-world resources

Investigating issues

Investigating Issues offers you a completely new way to plan and teach TOK, integrate it with the rest of the DP, and support students as they search for real-life situations to support their essays and exhibition commentaries. Find out more here, and download a sample version of the resource here.

Knowledge heroes

Knowledge Heroes allows you to draw on the ideas of 103 of the most influential thinkers from the past and present. There’s a brief bio for each one, a key quote, and guidance on linking their ideas to TOK. Find out more here, and download a sample version of the resource here.


You can use TOK via TED to improve your students’ understanding of TOK concepts during the course, to help them deepen their knowledge of the optional themes when they are designing their exhibition, or to give them access to thinkers and ideas that might help them answer their prescribed essay title. Find out more here.

TOK filmography

Inspire and entertain your students via a range of brilliant and thought-provoking movies. We’ve chosen films featuring challenging moral dilemmas, thoughts on the nature of reality, and characters struggling to understand the human condition. Find out more here.