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We’ve been very fortunate to work with a range of fantastic educational institutions and companies from all over the world. Find out a little bit more about these organizations, and how we’ve partnered them, below. If you’d like to team up with us, get in touch at, or by using the contact form below.


‘We want to ensure that all students at ECIS member schools know they can become the doers of the future, by encouraging them to be thinkers.’ …

…And we completely agree, which is why we are delighted to join the ECIS as a partner organisation! This statement embodies how the theory of knowledge course benefits students.

Financial Times

We admire the objectivity and thoroughness of the Financial Times, and are very proud to have an active partnership with them. We unpack at least one of their articles every month for the TOK newsletter, which is then published in their section for TOK teachers here.

The Financial Times’s Secondary Schools Programme enables any school to sign up for free access to their articles, and is a fantastic resource. Follow the link for more details.


We helped ManageBac to develop their section for the TOK course, wrote their quick start guide to the course, created the TOK Coordinators’ Guides (for those who are Creating a Department, and for those looking to Introduce Excellence), and delivered a range of webinars in association with them.

Cambridge University Press

We partnered with CUP to deliver a number of workshops and other events in schools such as the Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge, and Nesibe Aydin Schools in Ankara. We also made a selection of videos on aspects of the TOK course, such as this one on Knowledge Questions.

The Orwell Foundation

We’ve long thought of George Orwell as the ‘patron saint’ of theory of knowledge, so we’re delighted that one of our latest partnerships is with the fantastic Orwell Foundation.

Here’s a link to their prestigious Youth Prize, which asks students to write an essay on a particular theme every year. We encourage all eligible schools to get involved!

CAS Trips

CAS Trips is a community of educators and travel experts who provide educational experiences locally, internationally, and virtually.

Inspired by the IB’s paradigm of Creativity, Activity and Service, CAS Trips aim to make a genuine, sustainable impact through transformative cross-cultural experiences on both the students and the communities we work with. Find out more here.

Teacher Horizons

Teacher Horizons is the leading online recruitment community for international teachers. Run by teachers for teachers, we believe that the greatest educators are life-long learners themselves – curious, inspired and open-minded. 

As international educators, we know that teaching abroad offers a hugely enriching experience for teachers – both professionally and personally – and we are passionate about supporting them on their journey.  Find out more here.


Julian Arriens is a video content producer with over 20 years experience. His career has spanned both the UK and Australia, working with organizations that includes the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

In 2012 he formed SuperReel Productions, which creates online video content for education, healthcare, local government, and other industries. Jules – a friend of Michael’s since school in the ’80s – created the video interviews for the site.

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