The BQ framework

The BQ framework comprises 6 different units, each one exploring a ‘big question’. It’s a more conceptual approach to TOK than the traditional route, enabling you to integrate the course with the DP in a more meaningful way.

All the lessons have been fully updated for 2023-24, with new presentations in each unit inviting students to think about the relationship between AI tools and knowledge, and suggestions in many of the lessons on using ChatGPT to carry out learning tasks.

Access the Big Question framework resources

Access our classroom-ready lessons for TOK via the buttons below. We’ve suggested some ways to oversee the course in the managing your TOK course section, and there are resources to get parents on board in the the TOK for parents page.

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Faculty members of the site have access to 15 brand new mini-lessons every month. Find out more, and download them, here.

The mini-lessons can be used to offer a short TOK experience in their own right, augment the other lessons of your course (whether you follow the Classic, BQ, or Disruptive Ideas options), and keep your TOK thinking absolutely up-to-date.

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Our workshops demonstrate to all teachers – whatever their level, programme, or specialisation – how they can develop authentic critical thinking.

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