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We believe passionately that theory of knowledge is the most interesting, infuriating, engaging, demanding, and profound of all the elements of the IB Diploma. We also believe that the skills it imparts have never been more integral to a student’s education. With apologies to Carl Sagan, extraordinary courses require extraordinary resources.

Extraordinary courses require extraordinary resources

But is the TOK programme in your school keeping up with the huge challenges of discerning fact from fiction in this world of instant access? Is TOK making your students care about issues and events, and the need for them to get beyond the headlines? Is TOK inspiring them to become life-long learners, despite the barrage of false information they receive every day? And as we emerge from the Covid-19 quarantine, is the course helping them to reflect on, and evaluate, how the crisis has changed us as knowers?

Our TOK memberships provide schools with affirmative answers to all these questions. Our carefully curated BQ framework organizes TOK into 6 units, each one consisting of 12 fully resourced TOK lessons, delivered on beautifully designed Google Slides and Docs. Lessons are driven by the very latest real-life situations, connect students directly with the world’s most important thinkers from the past and today, and are constantly updated – so they never go out of date. All the lessons are available as ‘self-guided’ versions, so your students can learn autonomously, wherever they are located.

Alongside the BQ framework, we also offer a range of resources that will allow you to modify and adapt the lessons that you deliver to suit your own students and learning environment. These include our TOK newsletter, the 12 key concepts, Knowledge heroes, the DP integration tool, the knowledge lexicon, TOK via TED, and a host of other resources.

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Watch our short introductory video to find out more about our history, our approach to the course, and how we can help you to make the TOK experience brilliant for both learners and teachers. Watch more videos on our YouTube channel, and find out more about us here.

One of the key features of membership is our availability and support: if you have any questions about our resources, if you’d like advice on delivering the course, or if you have more questions about how to join, contact us at, and we’ll get back to you swiftly.

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$249.99 per year

Full access membership allows access all the teaching and learning resources produced by, including the the BQ lessons, the monthly newsletter, the DP Integration Tool, the 12 Key Concepts, Knowledge Heroes, the Knowledge Lexicon, and many other features.

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$229.99 per year

Newsletter Plus membership gives access to the newsletter and its archive, and the BQ lessons. Find out more and purchase by following the link below.

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$179.99 per year

Newsletter members receive the newsletter, and can access the newsletter archive. Find out more and purchase by following the link below.

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$179.99 per year

Big Question membership gives you access to the BQ lessons. Find out more and purchase by following the link below.

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