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We believe passionately that theory of knowledge is the most interesting, engaging, infuriating, demanding, and profound of all the elements of the DP. We also believe that the skills it imparts have never been more integral to a student’s education.

To paraphrase Carl Sagan, extraordinary courses require extraordinary resources – and we believe you need to come to us for that.

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Full access faculty membership $450.00 per year

Faculty membership enables schools to share access to the site and its resources with as many members of your teaching and learning community as you want. Find out more and purchase here.

Limited access individual membership $250.00 per year

Individual membership gives access to the site for users who will not be sharing their account, and only want access to a limited selection our resources. Find out more and purchase here.

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Watch our short introductory video to find out more about our history, our approach to the course, and how we can help you to make the TOK experience brilliant for both learners and teachers. Watch more videos on our YouTube channel, and find out more about us here.

One of the key features of membership is our availability and support: if you have any questions about our resources, if you’d like advice on delivering the course, or if you have more questions about how to join, contact us at, and we’ll get back to you swiftly.

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