Sample TOK lessons

Faculty members can deliver the TOK course via a choice of 3 different pathways, depending on whether they prefer a conceptual approach, a traditional method, or if they are sharing out the teaching with multiple members of the DP faculty.

Download samples of each approach from this page, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more information and advice!

The conceptual approach: THE BQ FRAMEWORK

The Big Question framework is our integrated, conceptual approach to the TOK course. Each BQ unit comprises 12 lessons exploring a different aspect of knowledge, within the context of multiple themes and AOKs. Find more sample lessons on each of the BQ pages.

Also supplied with the BQ lessons…

The traditional approach: CLASSIC TOK LESSONS

If you prefer to deliver the TOK course directly via the core and optional themes, and the areas of knowledge, then we’ve also got you covered. Just like our BQ lessons (from which many of them are adapted), the lessons are media-rich, driven by real-world issues and events, and packed full of the idea of influential and engaging thinkers.

The revolutionary approach: DISRUPTIVE IDEAS

Disruptive ideas is our revolutionary new way of delivering the TOK course. Students will learn the key aspects of the course via key ideas, exciting events, and influential thinkers designed to disrupt their assumptions, expectations, and biases about the world – and you can share any of the lessons with non-TOK teachers.


Connects to K&K, natural sciences, and human sciences. Also relates to group 3 & 4
Connects to natural sciences, K&K, technology. Also relates to digital society, groups 3 & 4
Connects to the arts and K&K. Also relates to philosophy and group 6 subjects

Support for the essay & exhibition: TOK ASSESSMENT LESSONS

If you are going to teach the course via either the Classic TOK, or the Disruptive Ideas structure, you’ll still need to offer some lessons on the assessment tasks. We offer six lessons on the essay, and six lessons on the exhibition, which you can insert into your course whenever you want. Download two of these below.


Creating Practice Exhibition No.1

Our first lesson for the exhibition helps students to understand the assessment instrument, and guides them through the steps of designing a practice exhibition, based on one object and the key concept of ‘values. Access this sample lesson here.

Escaping the Madness

Our first lesson for the essay introduces students to the idea of a TOK journal, which will help them to link real-world events and issues to the TOK course. Access this sample lesson here.

Promoting DP integration: TOK MINI-LESSONS

Click on the links below to take you some of the latest TOK mini-lessons – you can also find free mini-lessons on our main page for this resource (here). Members of the site receive 15 TOK mini-lessons every month, which can be used by both TOK and non-TOK teachers to create an integrated learning experience across the DP.


Adapting to AI-tools: TOK & ChatGPT LESSONS

The IB has stated that “we must accept that ChatGPT is going to become part of our everyday lives, and so we must adapt and transform education so students can use these new AI tools ethically and effectively.” TOK provides the perfect space to reflect on the use of AI in helping us to understand the world, so for 2023-24, we’ve created six full-length lessons exploring ChatGPT and the production of knowledge. We’ve also added extensive suggestions throughout our three courses on how you can draw on this paradigm-shifting technology to carry out learning activities.


ChatGPT and the TOK course

Access the first of our six lessons on ChatGPT and the TOK course here. These lessons will help students to reflect on the relationship between AI-tools and knowledge production, and help them to use them ethically and effectively .

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