Middle ACT resources

Our resources for 11-16 year-old learners include the Thinking for Yourself course, the monthly newsletter, the mini-lessons, and the Worldviews course, with final products including the HPQ and middle years portfolio. Access the resources below.

Embedding key ideas earlier also help them to become more active and enthusiastic members of the epistemic community, and ensure that they will ultimately become ‘life-long leaners’ and nuanced thinkers.

Access the middle years ACT resources

Click on the buttons below to take you to the middle years ACT resources, which will not only help your 11-16 year-old learners to become authentic critical thinkers, they will also help prepare them for the kind of thinking they’ll do as TOK students, or other sixth form courses.

Turn all your teachers into critical thinking teachers!

Our workshops demonstrate to all teachers – whatever their level, programme, or specialisation – how they can develop real-world critical thinking.

They’re engaging, jargon-free, and authentic, and give teachers practical takeaways that they can apply in the classroom, and help their students become nuanced, discerning knowers. Find out more here, and read our workshop brochure here.