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INNOVATIVE To deliver the TOK course in the most thought-provoking and structured way, we offer the Big Question framework of lessons, comprising 72 real-life situation-driven lessons created on Google Slides presentations, and supported by a host of guidance material.

UP-TO-DATE To keep lessons up-to-date, we produce a monthly TOK newsletter, that looks at all the key events – and the media’s coverage of them – from the previous 30 days. Anyone can sign up for the free version of the newsletter, or choose to receive the premium version.

INTEGRATED To get other teachers onboard with TOK, we offer the world’s only dedicated DP Integration Tool. This provides non-TOK teachers with practical, convenient resources to draw on TOK in their lessons to any level they want – from short quotes to sophisticated media sources.

REAL-WORLD Our real world resources invite teachers and learners to apply TOK to the real-world, and use the concepts, ideas, and aspects of the course to make sense of what’s going on around the globe. Find out more here.

SUPPORTIVE Our TOK-world resources focus directly on central aspects of the course, such as the 12 key concepts, the TOK assessments, TOK integration with the DP, and ways parents can get onboard and support their children’s learning. Find out more here.

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