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The TOK experience is too valuable to be limited just to DP students. So we’ve added this new section to the site, enabling schools to develop the authentic critical thinking (ACT) skills of all students, regardless of their age or educational programme.

Our ACT resources can be deployed within pre-existing classes, or via stand-alone courses. We’ll be building this new section during Feb and Mar 24, but the resources will be continually updated after that.

Access our ACT resources

Access our authentic critical thinking (ACT) resources below. If you have any questions about our memberships, workshops, and other support services, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Helping your students to challenge – not confirm – their biases about the world

ACT means ‘authentic critical thinking’. It means identifying your own biases and assumptions, challenging – rather than confirming – them via the context of real-world events and issues, and developing the courage to adjust or even replace what you thought you knew about the world.

ACT is at the heart of everything we do, and because we focus on this aim for learners it means that our resources are relevant for any student or teacher, regardless of their age, or educational programme. So whether you teach A-Level, AP, MYP, GCSE, or PYP, now you can add an epistemological layer to the classroom experience. For more details, email us at Read more about ACT here.

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