Geography TOK mini-lessons

Bring TOK effortlessly into your geography classroom with this integration padlet and ready-to-run TOK mini-lessons. They will help you to link your subject to real-world, and turn your students into authentic critical thinkers.

The mini-lessons are available to Faculty Members of the site, so speak to your TOK or DP coordinator to make sure your membership is up-to-date!

Join us to gain access to the mini-lessons & integration padlet!

See some sample TOK mini-lessons by clicking on the images below. To access hundreds mini-lessons, which can be used by your entire DP team, and create a brilliant integrated learning experience in your school, become a faculty member of here.

We’ve made the integration padlet for anthropology accessible to anyone to give you an idea of how effective this resource is. To access the other 24 padlets for all the other DP subjects, become a faculty member of the site here.

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Workshops to help you unleash your inner TOK!

Our workshops demonstrate to all teachers – whatever their level, programme, or specialisation – how they can develop authentic critical thinking.

They’re engaging, jargon-free, and hands-on, and provide practical takeaways that can be applied in the classroom to help students become nuanced knowers about the world. Find out more here, and read our workshop brochure here.