Primary Years ACT

Our resources for 5-10 year-old learners will include the monthly newsletter, and the Becoming a Critical Thinker course, with final products including the Primary Years Portfolio. These resources will be added throughout 2024.

Embedding key ideas earlier also help them to become more active and enthusiastic members of the epistemic community, and ensure that they will ultimately become ‘life-long leaners’ and nuanced thinkers.

Access the primary years ACT resources

Click on the buttons below to take you to the primary years ACT resources, which will not only help your 11-16 year-old learners to become authentic critical thinkers, they will also help prepare them for the kind of thinking they’ll do as MYP or other secondary programme students.

The ACT/TOK teaching and learning pathway

Placing ACT at the heart of what we do creates a learning pathway represented by the diagram below. We begin with resources for primary learners (now being introduced), move onto the middle years resources which we update each month, and culminate in either our resources for the TOK course, or if your students are following a different educational programme (such as A-Levels or the AP), senior ACT resources.

All our resources are incredibly flexible, and can be plugged into any educational programme. Deliver our full-length ACT courses in timetabled lessons, run our mini-lessons in PSE classes, use our extension resources such as Investigating Issues to fill your EPQ or HPQ slots, or offer your students our ‘Knowledge Journeys’ in optional extension classes outside of the usual timetabled day – it’s entirely up to you.

Join us to deploy the ACT continuum

Members have access to a huge range of ACT & TOK resources, including classroom-ready courses, TOK and ACT newsletters, TOK and ACT mini-lessons, Investigating Issues, TOK Padlets, 12 Key Concepts, and many more engaging, innovative resources!

Join in seconds via this page, and set up your whole school with a resource that will help you to become a hub of authentic critical thinking.