Anthropology & TOK

The integration padlets enable anthropology teachers to bring TOK ideas and concepts into their classroom, connect learning to the latest events going on in the world, and encourage their students to become authentic critical thinkers.

Padlet 1 offers ready-to-run mini-lessons based on the very latest real-world events, and Padlet 2 provides some quick guidance on the TOK course, as well as additional media sources that can be used to explore the nature of knowledge across all the Group 3 subjects.

Padlet 1: Anthropology mini-lessons and knowledge journeys

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More TOK integration material for anthropology

To find more material to help you link anthropology to TOK, consult our main mini-lesson section for the human sciences here. You’ll find mini-lessons focusing on many different fields, including anthropology.

You can also check out TOK via TED, TOK Filmography, Investigating Issues, and Knowledge Heroes, all of which offer material dealing with language and literature (as well as all the other subjects).

Help your learners to exit their echo chambers!

Our online and in-person workshops offer the usual support for students writing the essay and exhibition, and TOK departments designing great courses.

But our training sessions go much further than this: by focusing on authentic critical thinking, they demonstrate how to help learners confront, rather than confirm, their biases and assumptions, and exit their echo chambers. This makes them accessible and relevant for all teachers, whatever their subject or programme. Read more here.