Classic knowledge & technology lessons

Our classic knowledge & technology lessons are classroom-ready, driven by real-life situations, and filled with the ideas of the most influential thinkers from the past and present.

Our classic lessons are perfect for teachers who want a straightforward TOK structure, or those who want to augment the BQs with materials that delve more directly into the course. Start with the briefing paper to give you a preview of this aspect of the course.

Download these free sample classic TOK resources!

To access the classic TOK lessons, become a faculty member of the site. You can see our approach by downloading the free sample lessons below. They offer an insight into how we introduce a topic (technology), cover nature and scope (the natural sciences), look at methods and tools (language), evaluate perspectives (knowledge & the knower), and consider ethics (history). You can also download our first lesson for AI-tools and TOK.

We add 15 new TOK mini-lessons every month. These short lessons invite students to explore the very latest global events and issues, and make sense of them via their knowledge of TOK and their other DP subjects.

The mini-lessons can be delivered as stand-alone TOK experiences, to augment and expand the classic lessons, or be passed on to other DP teachers to link their subject to the real world. Access the mini-lessons for knowledge & technology via this page.

Our online video courses help any teacher to develop their knowledge of TOK, link it to their DP subject, and turn students into nuanced, authentic critical thinkers.

The courses are engaging, clear, and practical, and can be followed at your own pace. So whether you’re an experienced IB educator, or a brand-new teacher, you’ll gain meaningful takeaways that you can apply in the classroom. Find out more here.