Monthly TOK newsletter

The monthly TOK newsletter

Our unique monthly newsletter is our most powerful resource for ensuring that the TOK course you deliver is always relevant, up-to-date, and covers issues that matter.

Every edition of the newsletter enables your entire DP faculty to link their subject to both TOK and the real world, and encourage students to develop their real-world critical thinking. Here’s a link to a recent edition.

What comes in each edition of the newsletter?

The newsletter is our key resource to help our members design and deliver an exciting, engaging, integrated TOK course. Each edition covers 20 different issues and events going on in the world, providing you with a diverse range of articles, videos, and podcasts to explore them, and support on linking them to both TOK and the other DP subjects. The best way to see how this works is by reading a newsletter for yourself: here’s our May 2022 edition.

For each of the 20 issues and events, we provide a quick and clear overview of the story and at least one media source to explore it, and a simple accessibility rating out of three to give you an idea of how challenging it is for students.

We link each story to DP subjects, to indicate which non-TOK teachers could use it their classroom, and we identify the themes and areas of knowledge which most closely align to the event or issue covered by the media source to deepen students’ knowledge of the course.

If you’re a faculty member, you can access the stories presented as classroom-ready TOK mini-lessons; individual members have access to an unpacking document for each story. This means that anyone – regardless of their level of TOK experience – can draw on the stories effortlessly.

Each story is linked to one of the 35 TOK exhibition prompts. This enables students to use the newsletter stories both to explore the prompts, and to provide supporting evidence for the points they offer in their exhibition commentaries.

For each edition, we provide you with a faculty email that you can send out to all your DP teachers, giving them a quick overview of the month’s stories, links to the media source, and the monthly mini-lessons that they can use in their classroom.

Finally, we provide you with news about the extensive updates we make regularly to the site and its resources, key theory of knowledge events that we’re running, and generous discounts on the teaching and learning resources and training that we offer.

There’s more! Faculty members of the site have access to a huge amount of other resources: our three different TOK course structures providing you with hundreds of classroom-ready lesson presentations, a range of innovative TOK-world resources, loads more support to link your course to the real-world, and a second critical thinking newsletter for younger students at your school. Find out more, and download some freebies, by following the links!


We also offer a free newsletter, which gives you full access to three of the premium stories and mini-lessons, plus links to five more stories. Subscribe here to receive this every month.

How do I gain access to the full newsletter?

Gain full access to the newsletter by becoming a faculty member of the site, which you can do here. You’ll receive the newsletter every month, and also be able to consult any back issue of the newsletter going back to 2015 via our archive page.