Premium TOK newsletter

The premium TOK newsletter

Our unique monthly newsletter is our most powerful resource for ensuring that the TOK course you deliver is always relevant, up-to-date, and covers issues that matter.

Every edition of the TOK newsletter provides links to 20 thought-provoking media sources, covering stories from all over the globe. We give an outline of each one, link it to TOK and other subjects, identify key terms, suggest ways to explore it, and relate it to the exhibition IA prompts. Here’s a link to a recent edition.

Features of the TOK newsletter

The image to the left shows an extract of one of the latest TOK newsletters, looking at a Big Think article about the use of evidence in the natural and human sciences, and why we should trust it.

  • The image header gives a link to the story, and a visual representation of what the media source covers.
  • The outline provides a quick overview of the story.
  • Key terms mentioned in the article are identified; we try to include the 12 key concepts of TOK (in red) if they appear.
  • The relevant BQ unit is indicated, with a link to that page of the site.
  • We also indicate the TOK theme or AOK to which the story most closely aligns.
  • DP Integration shows which subject groups, or individual subjects, the story might work particularly well in.
  • The wider issue that the story belongs to is shown in the Investigating Issues section.
  • The exhibition prompt links the story to a related IA prompt
  • Ask your students gives you ideas for how to unpack and explore the article, via questions, activities, and discussion point.
  • Going further gives you a link to our Exploration Points documents.
  • Finally, there’s a link to the accompanying newsletter presentation, which enables you to present the story more visually in the classroom, and download the story as a PDF or other document format – see here.

15 of the stories are presented in this way, with 5 further ‘quick’ stories presented in an abridged version. There’s also a ‘faculty email’ for you to use to share the newsletter with the rest of the DP teachers in your school, helping to ensure that TOK is fully integrated into the rest of the DP, and drives the way in which students receive a relevant, up-to-date, and engaging educational experience.

How do I gain access to the newsletter?

Gain access to the newsletter by becoming a member of the site, which you can do on this page. You’ll receive the newsletter every month, and also be able to consult any back issue of the newsletter going back to 2015 via our archive page.

The best option for membership is Full Access, which enables you to view and use any page or resource on the site, as well as receiving the newsletter.