Helping schools deliver a life-changing cognitive experience for learners & teachers since 2009

Join schools in more than 100 countries using our resources to deliver TOK & critical thinking. Our resources are innovative, engaging, and time-saving, and will help you to place authentic critical thinking at the heart of your whole school’s learning journey.

WE’VE BEEN HELPING SCHOOLS SINCE 2009 to offer a genuinely life-changing cognitive experience to their students. Our resources are all designed around the principle of authentic critical thinking, meaning they can be used by any educator – regardless of their subject or programme.

In a recent member survey, 93% said our resources save them time planning and teaching, 97% said they improve students’ understanding of the course, and 86% felt that TOK essay performance was raised. Below are a few more unsolicited comments from a few of our members; read more on our testimonials page.

3 DIFFERENT CLASSROOM-READY TOK COURSES Choose from three classroom-ready courses for TOK. Lessons are beautifully designed, framed by clear learning objectives, packed full of media-rich resources, and driven by the very latest events and issues. They’ll save you huge amounts of time!

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MONTHLY MINI-LESSONS FOR YOUR WHOLE FACULTY Members receive 15 new senior mini-lessons every month. Choose either our TOK and non-TOK versions, so no matter what educational programme you teach, you can promote authentic critical thinking in your school.

CRITICAL THINKING RESOURCES FOR ALL STUDENTS Our mission is to help all learners become courageous, objective, and open-minded knowers about the world. Alongside our TOK resources, we also offer resources for non-TOK seniors, middle years students, and primary pupils.

LIVE & RECORDED EVENTS Our next live event will be a discussion of how to plan your TOK course for 2024-25, which we’ll be running later in May. Click on the images to find out more, and purchase a ticket.

ONLINE AND IN-PERSON TRAINING We can support your whole faculty in promoting authentic critical thinking, whether they’re TOK specialists, new DP teachers, or educators involved with a different programme. Check out schools we’ve worked with, and find out about our latest online events.

FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Keep in touch with us, and see our latest events and developments, via LinkedIn and Instagram. We produce short videos about TOK and critical thinking, and run regularly free webinars, all of which we post to our YouTube channel here.

Our YouTube page offers a treasure trove of content, including our 3-minute TOK explainers, guides to the exhibition and essay, how to integrate TOK with the DP, and advice on how the course can help you get into university. We regularly upload new videos, so make sure you subscribe to our channel!

DEVELOP CRITICAL THINKING WITHIN A REAL-WORLD CONTEXT Our resources for both DP and non-DP provide students with a cognitive framework, and introduce them to range of inspiring thinkers, that will help them to make sense of a fast-changing and confusing world.

AUTHENTIC CRITICAL THINKING As educators, we talk a lot about critical thinking. The problem is, we all have a slightly different definition of what it involves, making it difficult for us to work together to develop the right skills, and hard for students to evaluate their cognitive progress.

We’ve come up with a clear, practicable, and measurable definition of critical thinking, which we prefer to term ‘authentic’ critical thinking (ACT), to reflect our belief it should (only) happen within real-world situations. ACT underpins everything we design, for both our TOK and non-TOK resources. Watch the 90-second video to find out more!