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TOK is an extraordinary course – and it requires an extraordinary resource to deliver it. We’ve been helping to make TOK a life-changing experience for students and teachers since 2009, and we have members in well over 100 different countries.

In a recent survey, 93% our members told us our resources save them time planning and teaching, 97% said they help to improve students’ understanding of the course, and 86% felt TOK essay performance was improved. Here are a few more unsolicited comments from a few of our members; you can read more on our testimonials page.


TOK is a highly practical course, providing students with a set of skills, a mindset, and a conceptual framework designed to be applied to today’s world. But given how quickly society changes, ensuring your course remains relevant and engaging is a big challenge, and not one that can be met by static resources.

We have updated and edited all our lessons for the 2023-24 academic year, to ensure they are driven by the very latest real-world events and issues. And inspired by the IB’s position on the use of of AI-tools in schools, we have added extensive activities and questions focused on ChatGPT, to encourage students to use it effectively and ethically, and think about the relationship between AI-tools and the acquisition of knowledge.

3 DIFFERENT CLASSROOM-READY TOK COURSES Deliver TOK course via one of our three classroom-ready courses. Lessons are beautifully designed and structured, framed by clear and measurable learning objectives, packed full of media-rich resources, and driven by very latest real-world situations and ideas. They’ll save you huge amounts of time! Find out more here.

UNDERSTAND TOK IN THE REAL-WORLD Our resources help students explore and make sense of the most important events going on right now, going way beyond the headlines of all key global issues. They will also demonstrate to students how TOK concepts manifest in the real-world, and help them to become authentic critical thinkers. Subscribe to our free newsletter here.

JOIN SCHOOLS IN MORE THAN 100 COUNTRIES! Our resources invite your whole learning community to explore ideas and concepts directly from the real-world, engage with the most influential thinkers who have ever lived, learn from beautifully-designed lessons, and reflect on how use AI-tools are shaping our understanding of the world.

MASTER THE TOK ESSAY & EXHIBITION Our assessment packs are designed to be used directly by students, and will help them understand the assessment criteria, and create great final assessment products. The assessment lessons enable teachers to target and develop the right skills, so students will be able to take on the essay and exhibition successfully.

GET YOUR WHOLE FACULTY ONBOARD What sets us apart from other resources is that we base our support for TOK on the belief that ALL teachers are TOK teachers. The Integration Tool allows any teachers to draw on TOK effortlessly, the mini-lessons help them link their subject to TOK, and Knowledge Heroes provides a panoply of brilliant thinkers to inspire and guide.

WATCH OUR TOK VIDEOS Check out our YouTube channel here. You’ll find a treasure trove of videos, including our 3-minute TOK explainers, guides to the exhibition and essay, how to integrate TOK with the DP, and advice on how the course can help you get into university. We regularly upload new videos, so make sure you subscribe to our channel.

DEVELOP YOUNGER STUDENTS’ AUTHENTIC CRITICAL THINKING We offer two critical thinking courses for younger learners – Thinking for Yourself, and Worldviews, and dozens of middle years mini-lessons. These resources invite students to think beyond the headlines, and prepare them for their final two years of school before university.

ONLINE AND IN-PERSON TRAINING We offer practical, bespoke training in TOK and critical thinking for specialist teachers, and ordinary members of your faculty, and have worked with schools all over the world to help them set up and deliver a life-changing course. We also offer free and premium webinars on TOK, and have an extensive library of videos for you to watch in our YouTube channel.

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE MONTHLY TOK NEWSLETTER Our unique newsletter gives you access to a wide range of media sources linking TOK to the latest events and issues going on around the world, helping you to become an authentic critical thinker, and gather examples for your essay and exhibition.

EXPLORE THE COURSE Access our free course material on all aspects of the TOK course: the core theme (knowledge & the knower), the optional themes (indigenous societies, language, politics, religion, and technology), and the areas of knowledge (the arts, history, human sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences). If you’re a faculty member of the site, you can also access our exploring TOK padlets, taking you deep into the heart of each component of TOK.

DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES Download an extensive selection of free samples to see our approach, and the kind of materials that members of the site can access and use to deliver the TOK course. Check out our classroom-ready lessons, which are structured into three different courses, see our TOK-world resources, which will allow students to take ownership of the course, and learn how our real-world resources will link learning to the events and issues going on right now.