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TOK is an extraordinary course – so it requires an extraordinary resource to deliver it. Our mission is to make TOK a life-changing experience for students and teachers alike, and we have members in well over 100 different countries.

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In a recent survey, 93% our members told us our resources save them time planning and teaching, 97% said they help to improve students’ understanding of the course, and 86% felt TOK essay performance was improved. Here are a few more unsolicited comments from a few of our members; you can read more on our testimonials page.

We work with a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors, and you can be one of them. Our students want to learn from the best, so if you have skills, specialized knowledge, are an instructor or just want to learn more, contact us today. You`ll get experience designing courses, working with students, and filming tutorials. We make teaching fun as demo slots for fun only, modern and innovative, so join our team today. Our partners are the top skillful people.

Pioneering resources for Theory of Knowledge

Bringing the real world into the classroom

Our unique newsletter helps you explore and make sense of the most important events and issues going on today, and fully grasp how TOK concepts manifest in the real world. Subscribe to the free version here, or gain access to our premium version by becoming a member of the site.

The TOK essay support pack

The essay pack offers clear and practical guidance on writing a TOK essay. It takes you through six steps, with written and video advice to help you to choose a PT, select AOKs, create your arguments, evaluate different points of view, and consider implications. Purchase your copy here.

Ready to run lessons

Our classroom-ready lessons are beautifully designed and structured, framed by clear and measurable learning objectives, packed full of media-rich resources and driven by very latest real-world situations and ideas. They’ll save you huge amounts of time! Find out more here.

Genuine, meaningful, convenient DP integration

Our DP integration tool enables all DP teachers to draw on TOK, both enriching their own lessons and helping you to create a fully-interlinked Diploma Programme in your school. The resource works for both new and highly experienced educators of the DP. Find out more here.

Webinars to inspire and support

Our free and premium webinars explore a huge range of TOK issues, and help students and teachers take ownership of the course. Check out the forthcoming TOK events, and watch recorded talks, here. You can also view our playlists, and subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Online and in-school workshops

We’ve delivered online and in-school workshops all over the world, and will help you to make TOK brilliant for students and teachers. We can help you develop strategies for integrating TOK, overseeing the assessment tasks, or understanding the relevance of the course. Find out more here.

Sample what we do!

Visit our sample page, and download a range of lesson presentations, newsletter, and other teaching and learning resources to see how we can help you to make TOK brilliant for your students and teachers. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

TOK for students videos

Check out our TOK for students video playlist here. These comprise our 3-minute TOK explainers, presentations on structure of the course and its assessment tasks, and ways TOK can help you become both a better thinker and help you win a place at university.

We regularly upload new videos, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and check back regularly.

Support for Theory of Knowledge assessment tasks

TOK essay guidance

Find clear, practical notes on the TOK essay, videos that go through each of the steps of writing your TOK essay, guidance on the assessment rubric, and webinars on unpacking the prescribed titles. Find out more here.

TOK assessment support packs

Our TOK assessment support packs offer clear, practical, and effective guidance on writing the TOK essay, and creating the exhibition. The packs are filled with text and video advice, that can be used by either learners or educators. Find out more here.

TOK assessment videos

Our videos for students range from 3-minute TOK explainers, to hour-long TOK in depth videos, delving into the ideas, skills, and people who feature in the course. Access the videos here, and subscribe to our YouTube channel here, and receive news about all the TOK videos that we upload.

Exhibition prompt decoder

Our TOK exhibition prompt decoder helps you to understand each of the 35 IA prompts, link them to the core and optional themes, the key concepts and the Big Questions, and explore them via quotes, questions, TED talks, and media sources. Find out more here.

TOK assessment lessons

Students of TOK are assessed via two tasks: an exhibition, and an essay. Our lessons – formative assessment tasks, plus guidance documents on creating a great exhibition and essay – are embedded within our unit plans, but you can access them all here.

Join – and make TOK extraordinary!

TOK is an extraordinary course that requires extraordinary resources. For us, that means:

  • Exploring ideas and concepts directly from the very latest real-life situations
  • Engaging with the most influential thinkers who have ever lived
  • Beautifully designed lessons that are media-rich, highly engaging and updated monthly
  • Encouraging students (and educators!) to challenge their own biases
  • Getting the whole community involved in TOK – teachers, students and parents

Real-world resources for Theory of Knowledge

Monthly newsletter

Our unique monthly newsletter places the most recent events and issues inside your classroom and provides you with help in exploring them via TOK. This is not a resource just for TOK teachers – it’s for your entire DP faculty. Find out more here.

Investigating issues

Investigating Issues offers you a completely new way to plan and teach TOK, integrate it with the rest of the DP, and support students as they search for real-life situations to support their essays and exhibition commentaries. Find out more here, and download a sample version of the resource here.

Knowledge heroes

Knowledge Heroes allows you to draw on the ideas of 103 of the most influential thinkers from the past and present. There’s a brief bio for each one, a key quote and guidance on linking their ideas to TOK. Find out more here, and download a sample version of the resource here.


Use TOK via TED to improve your students’ understanding of TOK concepts during the course, help them deepen their knowledge of the optional themes when they are writing their exhibition commentaries, and give them access to ideas that will support essay arguments. Find out more here.

TOK filmography

Inspire and entertain your students via a range of brilliant and thought-provoking movies. We’ve chosen films featuring challenging moral dilemmas, thoughts on the nature of reality, and characters struggling to understand the human condition. Find out more here.

TOK integration videos

We’ve delivered a series of webinars on how each DP group can integrate TOK with their subject, so whatever you teach, you can find advice on how to draw on TOK concepts, thinkers, and real-world issues to explore the nature of knowledge in your lessons.

We constantly upload new videos, so make sure you check back regularly to find our latest guides to how to take ownership of the course.

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