100 Ways To Use TOK To Get Into University

100 Ways To Use TOK To Get Into University

As a TOK student, you’re in massive demand at universities all around the world. You can think for yourself, apply a critical and creative eye to events going on in the world, support your ideas with evidence, and refer to the ideas of brilliant thinkers.

100 Ways will help you to demonstrate all of this in your application forms, personal statements, and college interviews. Watch the video introduction here.

100 Ways $14.99

100 Ways focuses on 30 key TOK concepts, 30 brilliant thinkers, 30 real-world issues from the last 12 months, and 10 impressive skills you’ve developed during the course, and explains how you can showcase them to impress any university, anywhere in the world.

The resource is fully updated for 2022-23, featuring issues and events that are happening in the world right now, and linking them to the TOK course to demonstrate how you use your learning to interact with, and make sense of the world.

See the video introduction of the resource here.

Student support bundle

The student support bundle provides you with 100 Ways plus the Essay and the Exhibition Support packs, the essay and exhibition support packs, with a saving of 20% compared to buying these three resources separately.

Pre-order discount: 20%. Add discount code BUNDLE20 when you check out to claim this. We’ll then send you the bundle when it is released in March 2022. We also offer a generous bulk discount if you are buying the bundle for more than 10 students. Contact us to set this discount up.

Release date: Mid-May 2022