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Our members appreciate how innovative, engaging, and effective our resources are, partly because they are constantly being updated and edited, partly because they have been developed and improved over years.

Feedback has also referenced our quick and comprehensive email support, and our determination to do all we possibly can to help you create a great TOK experience, for both students and teachers. All the comments here were unsolicited.

“You combine practical solutions with attention to aspirational pedagogy and reflection.” Read what people have been saying about us!

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! Your resources are very comprehensive and have certainly given me something to work with!

Thank you so much for sending the recording across. I am very grateful to you for all the work that you are doing. Your webinars/resources are life saviours. Looking forward to learning more from you.

Thank you so much for all the contents it will really help me out this year especially with all the covid restrictions at school and the pace theory of knowledge. Your content is very easy to follow and I appreciate all the links and ready-to-use handouts

Thank you for teaching me so much about TOK.  You saved my bacon on more than one occasion!

When I was offered to become a ToK Coordinator, honestly I was clueless from where to begin and how to formulate a system in one month and one friend recommended your  website to me. From that day to this day I am its religious user. Your website is my mentor and definitely the credit goes to you and your team… You have introduced a tremendous system for the most complicated subject in IB and made it possible for ToK teachers to integrate their subject effectively and efficiently. A BIG thank you for developing such a wonderful resource.
Bushra, LAHORE

Thank you for these amazing resources. It’s my first year teaching TOK and your site is a life saver. It is so rich.
Philippe, BETHESDA

Without a shadow of a doubt, your site was inspiring, thought provoking and the activities bloody good fun, and do not get me started on how good the resources and discussion were!
Michael, OLLON

I discovered your site and it pretty much rescued me. This week at parent conferences, I found out that ToK is the favourite subject of many of my students and parents are enjoying dinner conversations about many of the RLS!

I have been teaching TOK for 17 years, and I wanted to let you know that I think the BQ resources I’ve been using so far this year are awesome! By exploring TOK concepts through well-chosen, unique and high-interest real-life situations, my students are engaged in ways they haven’t been before. I think these resources are going to make a big difference in the quality of their assessments.
Debbie, NEW YORK

Thanks for your swift response – this is all great! I really like the way you have organised the topics, and I can see a lot of assessment-related material.
Joanne, PARIS

Thanks for the quick reply… There is much to like… I genuinely appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into making this challenging subject easier to teach effectively.

I’m really enjoying the BQ lessons and can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much for the quick support.

I really enjoy the site and my students are responding positively to it. Thank you for creating such a flexible and dynamic site for teachers and students.
Jeffrey, CONCORD

I am finding the 8BQ approach very useful… I particularly like the way one big question acts as a frame to bring everything together and helps the students to come back to the question each time.
Barry, PARIS

I have taught TOK since 2003 and been an examiner since 2008. I also lead workshops in TOK. Your approach has been the most effective that I have experienced and I feel that I have improved my teaching to students as well as how to conference with participants in workshops because of the resources found here. Schools will feel better prepared for evaluation visits because of your resources for TOK across the curriculum. You combine practical solutions with attention to aspirational pedagogy and reflection.
Douglas, TORONTO

Your support is superb btw. Best curriculum support of any course I have taught and essential for me at this early stage of delivering IB. In a way I am glad the 2022 came in when it did because with my L6th I get to start ground up with other schools (sort of!) and I am using your resources adapted for our school. Just need to get this Year 13 through the old spec!
Richard, BRISTOL

Over the years, has contributed greatly to our teachers and students’ understanding of the subject. We enjoy the BQ approach and the rich resources you offer. I would like to take this chance to thank you and your team for all the work you have put into the website.

I am really enjoying your newsletters. They are immensely helpful in improving the quality of journal assignments I give to my ToK1 students who are just figuring out how to think in terms of knowledge questions and why the context and clarity of terms is so important. Thank you for making ToK tangible for beginning students!

Thanks so much for your resources. I just got through my first lot of students and 5 out of 14 got As! I did every webinar and used all of your resources and I recommend your site daily for the confidence it gave me to get going with the course.
Katrina, JAKARTA

I’m very happy with the TOK resources on your website and my students consider TOK the most interesting and stimulating subject in the IB!

I am over the moon with these resources – the BQ approach is a real winner.

I’m looking forward to getting my students started with all of your excellent resources. Thank you for all you do to help make TOK more understandable and less overwhelming for students and teachers.

The new 8 Big Questions will benefit our students as they develop their knowledge questions and write their essays with greater depth, breadth and originality.

Exciting material here, I am enjoying myself as I go through all the links and [BQ] questions you matched together.

Thanks for creating such a fantastic site. The links for AOKs and WOKs have helped my TOK students tremendously.

On behalf of my students and colleagues, congratulations on your ToK website… it’s superb having access to what is an outstanding online resource.

Thanks so much, Michael. I love your site and am recommending it to the TOK teachers at the schools I support.

I love your newsletter and no matter how busy and full my inbox is, I will always find time for TOK … Your newsletter has made my life a lot easier!

May I congratulate you on an excellent initiative.
Michael, PORTO

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