TOK via the AOKs & themes

TOK via the AOKs & themes

Those who prefer to deliver the course via the AOKs and themes will find a series of lessons (from early 2022) that deal with each aspects of the course separately, and explore them via the knowledge framework. 

For educators who prefer to teach the course in a more conceptual way, we will offer the BQ framework lessons. Of course, you will be able to mix the two approaches, or draw on our other resources, to create a unique TOK experience for your students and teachers!

Visualising the TOK course

TOK consists of three different elements: the core theme (knowledge & the knower), the optional themes (knowledge and, respectively, indigenous societies, language, politics, religion, and technology), and the areas of knowledge (the arts, history, the human sciences, mathematics, and the natural sciences).

Follow the links below to take you to lesson presentations which explore the scope of each TOK element, how different perspectives shape the way we understand them, the method and tools used by knowers, and the relationship that exists between their knowledge and ethics.


Accessing the AOK/theme lessons

  • Follow the links below to take you to our AOK/theme lessons, offering a more traditional approach to TOK.
  • You’ll also find our ‘Exploring Deeper’ documents, which enable students to explore them in more depth.
  • We also provide guidance on how to draw on other teaching and learning resources, such as Knowledge Heroes, and Investigating Issues.
  • The AOK/theme lessons will begin to be added in February 2022.

The core theme: knowledge & the knower

The core theme invites students to think about the way knowledge is produced, verified, and communicated, on both a personal level, and by the different epistemic communities to which knowers belong. Follow this link to access our lessons on the core theme.

TOK optional themes lessons

The optional themes are our personal and societal affiliations which shape the way we make sense of knowledge. They affect the way we understand the areas of knowledge, and inform how we develop as knowers. Follow this link to access our lessons on the optional themes.

TOK areas of knowledge lessons

The AOKs are the ways in which we categorize ideas and concepts in order to understand and take ownership of them. Our relationship with them as knowers depends on our personal and societal perspectives, explored in the core and optional themes. Access the AOK lessons here.