Free TOK notes

The TOK course consists of three interlinked elements: the areas of knowledge, the optional themes, and the core theme. As you explore each one, you’ll meet a host of brilliant ideas, life-changing thinkers, and thought-provoking events and issues.

Follow the links below to access a huge amount of free material to help you take ownership of the TOK course, and create brilliant assessment tasks at the end of your journey.

Explore the TOK course themes

Click on the buttons below to take you to a wide range of free notes on the different aspects of the TOK course. You’ll find quotes, knowledge questions, key thinkers, and real-world situations, to help you take ownership of each one.

How does the TOK course fit together?

The optional themes are our personal and societal affiliations which shape the way we produce and acquire knowledge.

The areas of knowledge the the ways in which we categorize ideas and concepts in order to understand and take ownership of them.

Both the themes and the AOKs help to define us as knowers, which we focus on within the core theme – knowledge and the knower – as well as looking at the different communities of knowers to which we belong.

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