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Whether you’re a first-time TOK teacher, an experienced teachers already leading a TOK department, or an educator looking to draw on the course to encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we can help you to get to grips with the course, and offer a truly life-changing experience to the learners and educators in your school.

About the TOK course

TOK is the most brilliant element of the DP, and offers potentially a life-changing experience for anyone involved with it.

In this section of the site, you can learn about the aims and structure of the course, how it’s assessed, the role of knowledge questions, key TOK thinkers, and how TOK can seriously improve students’ chances of getting into their choice of university.

The opportunity of TOK

As the best TOK teachers always discover, though, the massive ask quickly becomes a massive opportunity. The fact that there’s no clear examined curriculum means you can cherry-pick an array of fascinating topics that play to both your strengths and those of your students. The fact that all students have to do it means that you have to hand a much broader range of expertise and interests to draw on. And the nature of TOK is a fantastic combination of all those things – philosophy, critical thinking, content and skills – plus a great deal more.

In fact, being given responsibility for TOK is akin to winning the lottery for a teacher. TOK is a dynamic course which you can build yourself, it’s one that tests, teases, and challenges the students, and it genuinely presents them (and you) with the opportunity to have life-changing experiences in (and out) of the classroom. The only danger is that it will take over your life, and you’ll begin to see TOK in every experience you have!

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