TOK mini-lessons

The 15 monthly TOK mini-lessons can be used equally effectively by TOK teachers and non-TOK teachers. It’s our most effective TOK integration resource yet!

Each 10 – 20 minute lesson asks students to offer their ideas about the world, and test them via media sources and peer discussion. A final exit task invites them to confront (rather than confirm) their biases and assumptions about the world.

Access the TOK mini-lessons

TOK teachers can access our mini-lessons via the buttons below. Non-TOK teachers may find it easier to access the lessons via the DP Integration Tool. Make sure you check back regularly, as we add 15 new mini-lessons every month.

Download the latest free TOK mini-lessons

Click on the links below to take you some of the latest TOK mini-lessons. Members of the site receive 15 TOK mini-lessons every month, which can be used by both TOK and non-TOK teachers to create an integrated learning experience across the DP. Join us to gain access!

Make your TOK course genuinely life-changing

Our workshops demonstrate to all teachers – whatever their level, programme, or specialisation – how they can develop authentic critical thinking.

They’re engaging, jargon-free, and authoritative, and give teachers practical takeaways they can apply in the classroom, and help their students become nuanced, discerning knowers. Find out more here, and read our workshop brochure here.