Meet the Team was set up in 2009, and since then has grown to become the world’s most popular, comprehensive, and innovative online support centre for TOK and authentic critical thinking. Watch our introductory video here.

Our aim is to help your learners confront – rather than confirm – their biases and assumptions about the world, and exit their echo chambers. Learn a little more about the people who make that possible on this page.


Michael’s educational mission has evolved radically since he created the site back in 2009, motivated by frustration at the lack of online resources for TOK, to today, when he aims to support all students to become authentic critical thinkers, challenge their biases and assumptions about the world, and exit their echo chambers.

Michael attended school in Cambridge, university at Edinburgh, where he earned an MA with honours, and did his PGCE at Exeter University. He taught as a history and politics teacher in London, before moving abroad and working in IB schools. His last position was TOK coordinator and head of sixth form at Newton College, Lima.

Michael collaborates with some important organizations, such as the Financial Times, and The Conversation. He created the ManageBac TOK Coordinator’s handbook, and helped Cambridge University Press to deliver joint workshops and create a series of video blogs.

He has delivered workshops in dozens of schools around the world to help TOK departments hone their course structure, students improve their understanding of the essay and exhibition, and teachers integrate their subject with TOK.

Michael is now based in Cambridge, UK. Living and working in the most famous centre of learning in the world is an inspiring place to be for any educational innovator. Find out more about him on LinkedIn, and see him in action via his YouTube channel.


Carolina is in charge of everything to do with our memberships, answering cries and pleas for help from our members around the world, ensuring passwords are working, and advising people when their memberships need to be renewed. She also oversees databases, helps with Spanish translations, of resources, and casts a discerning eye over designs.

Carolina was born in Lima, attending Carmelitas school, and studying at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, and Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. She has plenty of experience of supporting young people, as a mother of three, and as a teaching assistant at the Anglo-Colombiano in Bogotá. She also has the dubious honour of being Michael’s wife.

ANDREW ROTHMAN middle years editor

Prior to his current role as head of secondary at Newton College, Andrew worked in both state and independent schools in the US and abroad and has served as a consultant on issues related to instructional leadership for projects sponsored by the World Bank and Peruvian Ministry of Education.

Andrew graduated with Honors in History from Wesleyan University and has a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard, where he was awarded the Donald Oliver Fellowship.

PAUL KELLER media consultant

Paul is a former BBC and FT journalist, who advises on everything related to the media, and helps us to put together the monthly newsletter.

He’s based in Peru, and as well as writing a column for the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, is in charge of the film department at Markham College, Lima.


Daniela is in charge of the Spanish translations of our site and resources, to help us to get our support for TOK and ACT out to a wider cultural audience.

She has recently graduated from Unife in Lima, Peru, where she studied linguistics and translation. She’ll be working with us on lots of projects on 2024-25.

Student consultants

Sebastian Dunn Vasquez acts as high-school student adviser for the TOK and ACT newsletter, and is also developing the Umwelt aspect of the site.

Gabriel Dunn Vasquez acts as undergraduate student adviser for the newsletter, helping us to find stories, and package them for a student audience.

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