Sample member resources

Our aim is nothing less than to offer your learners a life-changing cognitive experience. Underpinning this is the principle of authentic critical thinking, inviting students to confront – rather than confirm – their biases and assumptions, and exit their echo chambers.

Faculty and Elite memberships give your entire teaching and learning community access to all our TOK and ACT resources. To join, go straight to our payment page here.

Faculty membership: what you get

Faculty and Elite members of the site have access to the following features and resources. Click on each title image to find out more, and download sample materials. If you have any questions about membership features or payment issues, get in touch at

Three different course structures

Members can choose from three different classroom-ready courses: the classic approach to TOK, our more conceptual Big Question approach, and our latest iteration, Disruptive Ideas. Click on the images above to take you to sample resources showcasing lessons from the three different options.

Resources to develop assessment understanding and skills

Members have access to a range of different lessons for the essay and exhibition, and can use our key concept padlets to help students to understand how TOK ideas manifest in the real-world, which is a key aspect of getting the assessments right.

Resources to effortlessly and meaningfully integrate TOK

Members can share our integration padlets and mini-lessons with the rest of the DP faculty to enable them to draw on TOK effortlessly and meaningfully, and apply an epistemological level to their subject. We even have resources to bring parents onboard, and understand the potential of the TOK course.

Newsletters linking learning to the latest events

Members receive two newsletters every month, aimed at senior and middle year ACT students, outlining our latest events and developments, and providing links to 25 unpacked media stories from around the world’s. At the end of 2024, we’ll be adding a third newsletter, for primary learners.

Extensive resources to place learning in the real-world

Our real-world resources link TOK to events and issues going on around the globe, and to key thinkers who have influenced the way we see and understand the world. They give an authentic context to TOK, and demonstrate why the course matters.

Courses & lessons for pre-TOK learners

Members can use our middle years mini-lessons, our Thinking For Yourself course, and our new resource for Global Perspectives, to acclimatize younger learners to the cognitive demands of TOK and other senior programmes.

Resources for non-TOK senior students

Members have access to all our ACT resources, meaning they can offer the wonderful cognitive benefits of the TOK course to students who are involved in other educational programmes, such as A-Level and AP. In late 2024, we’ll be releasing our University Entrance Portfolio, enabling students to showcase their ACT abilities.

To purchase a faculty membership to the site, follow this link to our payment portal. If you have any questions about payment, such as budget concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at We look forward to you joining us!