Sample resources

Download these sample lessons and other resources to see for yourself what the benefits of membership are. For the 2022 TOK syllabus, we offer 72 lessons presented in this way, each one available in both TL (teacher-led) and SG (self-guided) versions.
Here is a link to a sample 10 Minute TOK lesson (designed as much for non-TOK as TOK teachers), a recent edition of the TOK newsletter, the DP Integration Tool, and the page where we outline our extraordinary ‘Knowledge Lexicon‘. Members also have the benefit of full email support, so you are always able to ask us questions about both our resources, and the TOK course.
You can also check out a range of screencast videos here, which guide you round the site, and explain some of the key features of membership. If you have any questions about any of our resources, how often we update them, and why they support TOK learners so brilliantly, use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with us.

Sample BQ lessons

Our lessons are based on a framework of 6 ‘Big Questions‘, each one asking a crucial question about the production and use of knowledge, and forming the basis of a 12-lesson unit. In total there are 72 BQ lessons, although combined with our newsletter, 10 Minute TOK, DP Integration Tool, and other resources, members have access to a huge range of materials for TOK. See how the BQ framework aligns to the 2022 syllabus here.
The BQ lessons are laid out on the site as shown below, with a link to the presentation for the lesson, the lesson title, and the learning objective. Each BQ unit is supported by a range of orientation folders and files, including introductory presentations and emails for both teachers and parents, a Google Doc outline of the unit, the self-guided lesson folder, assessment trackers for units, and even banners to display work.

Self-guided lessons

Specially adapted lesson presentations, plus guidance notes, for students to work autonomously

The TOK world

I can explain the different elements of TOK, and how we will explore the course

Helping the chickens

I can compare and contrast different ways way in which we build our moral frameworks

Seeing what we want to see

I can explain how confirmation bias can cause us to misinterpret and misunderstand representations of the world us

Navigating the post-truth landscape

I can discuss two ‘anti-establishment’ perspectives in a nuanced way

False starts and wrong turns

I can offer a more sophisticated statement than “new scientific knowledge is created via the scientific method”

The necessity of humility

I can explain why humility is a prerequisite of finding out about the world


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