History lessons

History lessons

These lesson presentations introduce history. Students will encounter key ideas and thinkers associated with this aspect of TOK, engaging learning activities, and events and issues enabling them to explore this area of knowledge in a real-world context.

Click on the links below to take you to each lesson. The presentations come with full support material, such as lesson delivery guidance, students handouts, and links to other aspects of the course.

History lesson links

Note that we are in the process of adding these lessons. They will be available by January 2022.

History 1 What is history?

Lesson objective I can discuss the key characteristics and function of history, and support my ideas with real examples. Available from January 2022.

History 2

Lesson objective I understand that different perspectives can lead to different outcomes when we explore the past. Available from January 2022.

History 3

Lesson objective I can explain the role of the arts in helping us to understand ethical issues. Available from January 2022

History 4

Lesson objective I can assess how our ethical principles affect the way we interpret art. Available from January 2022.


Lesson objective I can compare the nature of knowledge within the arts to other areas of knowledge. Available from January 2022.

Exploring deeper: history

Our exploring deeper documents allow students to carry out further research on the areas of knowledge, via media sources, quotes, and key TOK concepts. These documents can be used to extend lesson activities, or help craft and support arguments within the TOK essay.

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Knowledge heroes for history

Knowledge Heroes provides you with a description of over 100 different thinkers who offer brilliant thoughts on all the areas of knowledge and themes. Key history thinkers we look at include Ai Weiwei, Barbara Kingsolver, Madeleine L’Engle, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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