Investigating issues

Investigating Issues

Investigating Issues offers you a completely new way to plan and teach TOK, integrate it with the rest of the DP, and support students as they search for real-life situations to support their essays and exhibition commentaries.

The resource curates 150 major global issues (and counting!), provides a diverse collection of media sources to explore each one, and suggests ways to link them to TOK course via the themes, AOKs, themes, and 12 key concepts.

Investigating Issues: Padlet sample

Here’s a sample of the Investigating Issues resource, which includes a selection of the 150 topics that feature in the full version. To gain access to the complete version, become a Faculty Member of the site here.

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Investigating Issues: Google Slides sample

Click on the image or here to access a sample of the Google Slides version of Investigating Issues. This is an alternative way of presenting the topics found in the padlets. Become a Faculty member here to access the complete version.

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We can help you with a wide range of issues and topics related to the TOK course, and help you turn your students into authentic critical thinkers who make sense of the world in a nuanced and objective way. Find out more and book a session here.