ACT mini-lessons: social sciences & humanities

These social sciences & humanities mini-lessons are designed for middle years students (aged 11-16) looking to hone their authentic critical thinking (ACT), link their subject knowledge to the real-world, and develop learning skills to prepare them for their final two years of high school.

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Members of the site receive 8 mini-lessons every month (as well as 15 senior mini-lessons), which can be used by any teacher to develop authentic critical thinking, link their lessons to contemporary global events, and explore epistemological issues related to their subject. Join us here!

In the meantime, please help yourself to three of our latest mini-lessons (above), which demonstrate how we help learners to go beyond the headlines, and develop a deep understanding of what’s going on the contemporary real-world.

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Our workshops demonstrate to all teachers – whatever their level, programme, or specialisation – how they can develop real-world critical thinking.

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