Elite faculty TOK membership

Elite faculty membership

Elite faculty membership provides all the features of faculty membership, plus dedicated support to help you create a brilliant TOK experience for your students and staff.

This includes a video call to discuss your department, an online integration workshop for all your staff, and email support for designing your scheme of work, keeping lessons engaging and authentic, and helping students with the assessment tasks.

Purchase your elite faculty membership

You can either contact us to arrange payment for an elite faculty membership via the form below, or use a credit card or PayPal and set yourself up with instant access.

We’ll arrange the video call, in which we can discuss a date for your online workshop, and begin helping you to design your TOK scheme of work. We’ll also run through the resources on the site that will help you to create a fantastic learning experience.

Note that we will only be offering a maximum of 12 elite faculty memberships per year to schools around the world. Spaces are currently available.

Contact us

We’ll be happy to answer any question you might have about the elite faculty membership.

Talk to us about the online integration workshop, how we’ll help you to design your TOK scheme of work, and the resources on the site that will help you to deliver a fantastic experience for both students and teachers.