Sample pre-TOK resources

Sample pre-TOK resources

We believe that critical thinking should be a feature of learning at all levels in school, rather than something that students hit head-on when they begin TOK.

Our monthly newsletter, and our two courses, help you to establish a critical thinking culture throughout your school, as well as introducing your students to brilliant thinkers and ideas, and helping them engage meaningfully with the real-world.

The Middle Years critical thinking newsletter

Our monthly Middle Years Newsletter, which we make available to all faculty members of the site. is designed for students aged 12 – 15, inviting them to apply a critical approach to the very latest news events and issues. As well as linking their learning to the real-world, and helping them to become informed, nuanced, thinkers, it also prepares them for the TOK by introducing them to many of the ideas and concepts that we look at during the course. Download a sample version of the newsletter below.

Help your students to think about… What are metaphors and how do they work? Should we separate the value of a work of art from the views and actions of the artist? What are the advantages and drawbacks of using statistical patterns to solve problems? Access the free first edition of the newsletter here.

The Thinking for Yourself Course

Our pre-DP Thinking for Yourself course supports students to develop critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. The 14 classroom-ready lessons introduce 14 – 15 year old learners to a carefully curated range of brilliant thinkers and concepts, help them to acclimatize to the TOK world, and give them a powerful lexicon of knowledge-related terms.

The Worldviews course

Our Worldviews lessons enable younger students (11 – 12 years old) to explore some of the ways in which we construct our personal and group identities, develop an understanding of the human and natural world, and how this affects our ability to interact with each other. It is designed to be delivered specifically as part of MYP Individuals and Societies, but can be run at any school within any educational programme.

Unit 1 (Thinkers) Lesson 4: EXPLODING MAILBOXES

Unit 1 looks at how worldviews are shaped by individual thinkers. It focuses on people who applied a different perspective, and moved forward our understanding of the world.

Lesson objective I can explain how Emmeline Pankhurst influenced our worldview. Download the lesson presentation here.

Unit 2 (Conflict) Lesson 4: LIBERTE, EGALITE, FRATERNITE

Unit 2 looks at how big events alter the way we think, feel, and understand. We explore a series of conflicts that caused huge changes to societies and individuals.

Lesson objective I can explain how the French Revolution changed our worldviews. Download the lesson presentation here.