Our Worldviews lessons enable younger students (11/12 years old) to explore some of the ways in which we construct our personal and group identities, develop an understanding of the human and natural world, and how this affects our ability to interact with each other. It is designed to be delivered specifically as part of the MYP Individuals and Societies subject, but can be run at any school within any educational programme.

Unit 1 looks at how our worldviews are shaped by individual thinkers. We focus on people who looked at the natural and human world from from a different perspective, and provided us with a more effective way of understanding existence. Students focus on set thinkers together, before selecting their own worldview ‘influencers’ to research, and use to create their final product.
Unit 2 looks at how big events can alter the way we think, feel, and understand. We explore a series of international conflicts that shook up countries around the world, and caused huge changes to societies and individuals. Again, students will spend time looking at set material together in class, before selecting their own conflicts to research, forming the basis of the summative assessment.
Included for each unit is guidance for formative and summative assessments, plus an assessment tracker to help you provide feedback and marks to your students. If you have any questions about the lessons, use the form below to get in touch with us.