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A complete suite of TOK teaching and learning resources

Full Access members are able to draw on a complete suite of teaching and learning resources, which enable you to deliver the course in virtually any way you want, or augment what you already do. Read a selection of the unsolicited testimonials we have received from members here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

Extraordinary lessons for an extraordinary course. Our carefully curated BQ framework organizes the TOK course into 6 units, each one consisting of 12 fully resourced lessons. Lessons are driven by the latest RLSs, beautifully designed, and draw on the most important thinkers from the past and present.

Learning based on the latest real-life situations. Our TOK newsletter provides you with links to media sources exploring the latest events and issues going on all over the world. We indicate which BQ these stories relate to, and how they link to the other DP subjects, enabling all teachers to use it.

A resource that can be used by everyone in your learning community. Our memberships are per institution rather than individual, so everyone – students, teachers, and even parents – can access the site and its resources, and be a part of the TOK journey.

Enabling genuine and practical DP Integration. Our DP Integration Tool is the world’s best resource for integrating the different elements of the DP, allowing non-TOK teachers to draw on the course both to enrich their own teaching, and provide an integrated learning experience for students.

Self-guided lessons to facilitate online learning. The quarantine means we’re all figuring out how best to deliver online classes. With its rich range of concepts, and unfamiliar forms of assessment, TOK offers particular challenges. We’ve got this covered, with our self-guided TOK lessons.

Investigating Issues This major new resource focuses on a wide range of global issues, providing students with the means to link and explore them via the course, and see clearly how TOK concepts manifest in the real world. Find out more here about this engaging, authentic learning experience. Release date: 15th Aug.

Assessment trackers. For each BQ unit, you’ll find an assessment tracker, which enables you to monitor the progress of your students, and provide feedback comments to them. Here’s the tracker for BQ4, which shows how this will support your delivery of TOK.

Taking ownership of the 12 key concepts. Access discussion documents on each of the 12 key TOK concepts, comprising quotes, questions, and the latest media sources. Your students can use it to fully understand these crucial ideas, understand the course, and create great essays and exhibitions.

Knowledge Heroes allows you to draw on the ideas of 101 of the most influential thinkers from the past and present, all of whom feature in our BQ lessons. There’s a brief bio for each thinker, a key quote, and an explanation about how this relates to TOK. Check out a sample here.

Thinking for Yourself The 14 classroom-ready lessons introduce 14-15 year old learners to a carefully curated range of brilliant thinkers and concepts, help them to acclimatize to the TOK world, and give them a powerful lexicon of terms. Find out more, and download the first two lessons here.

Single-idea lessons. Our 10M TOK lessons enable you to introduce single key ideas via clear, media-rich lesson presentations. They can be used by both TOK and non-TOK teachers, so provide another way to integrate the course within the rest of the DP.

Exploring any aspect of TOK to whatever depth you want. The EP documents allow you to explore any aspect of the TOK course to any level of depth, via media sources, questions, TED talks, and guidance on the 12 concepts of TOK. See how this works in practice for language and the natural sciences.

Drawing on the ideas of the most influential thinkers currently working. TOK via TED draws on 100 different talks related to key TOK ideas. Your students can use them to understand the course, master the themes for the exhibition, and draw on thinkers and concepts to add authority to their essays.

Using great movies to develop an understanding of TOK. Inspire and entertain your students via a brilliant range of thought-provoking movies. They feature challenging moral dilemmas, thoughts on the nature of reality, and characters struggling to understand the human condition.

Helping younger students to develop an understanding of TOK concepts. Our Worldviews lessons enable younger students to explore the ways we construct our personal and group identities, develop an understanding of the human and natural world, and how this affects the way we interact with each other.

Full support for any question, issue, or problem. What sets our TOK resources apart from anything else available is the support Michael and the team offers. Ask any question on teaching TOK, overseeing the assessment tasks, or other aspects of membership, and we’ll provide swift support.

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