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Quick overview of features

• BQ lessons for both the 2022 and 2015 syllabi
• Our unique monthly TOK newsletter
Self-guided versions of all lessons
• The DP Integration Tool
• The Exploration Points
10 Minute TOK lessons
• Links to 100 unpacked and TOK-matched TED talks
• Whole school access
• Full support from Michael Dunn

Revolutionary lessons for a revolutionary course

Our carefully curated BQ framework organizes the TOK course into 6 units, each one consisting of 12 fully resourced TOK lessons, delivered on beautifully designed Google Slides and Docs. See how the BQ framework aligns to the 2022 syllabus here.
Lessons are driven by the latest real-life situations, and connect students directly to the most important thinkers from the past and present. Each BQ includes a dozen 10 Minute TOK lessons, which you can use yourself, or pass on to other DP teachers.
Watch our screencast introduction for the 6BQ here.

Learning based on the latest real-life situations

Our unique TOK newsletter will be sent to you every month, and you’ll have access to the newsletter archive page going back to January 2015.
Every edition of the newsletter contains links to articles, videos, podcasts, and other media sources, exploring 20 of the latest real-life situations from different cultures all over the world, and offering detailed suggestions on how they can be explored in class. We also indicate which BQ they relate to, and how they link to other DP subjects, enabling all DP teachers to use it.
Check out our short screencast introducing the newsletter here.

Enabling genuine and practical DP Integration

Our DP Integration Tool is the world’s best resource for integrating the different elements of the DP, allowing non-TOK teachers to draw on the course both to enrich their own teaching, and provide an integrated learning experience for students.
The DP Integration Tool provides a series of integration ‘plugins’ for non-TOK teachers to use to bring TOK into their classroom, and get students thinking more about the way in which knowledge is produced and used in their subject.
Here’s our screencast introducing the DP Integration tool.

Self-guided versions of all our learning resources

If your school is teaching online at the moment, or if you follow a ‘flipped’ approach to education, we offer ‘self-guided’ versions of all our lessons.
Because our lessons are based on engaging up-to-date media sources, such as videos, podcasts, and approachable articles, they work exceptionally well even when you are not in the same physical space as your students. Here’s an example of a BQ4 SG lesson presentation, and the support notes that accompany it.
Watch our screencast outlining the SG lessons here.

Giving parents the opportunity to get involved

It’s not easy for parents to get involved in the education process: the older students get, the less accessible subjects become.
TOK is a great access point for parents to support the intellectual development of their children: it’s profound, thought-provoking, and fun; in short, perfect for setting up dinner table debates! Each BQ includes a parents’ email and presentation (here’s the one for BQ4) that explains TOK, provides links to media highlights, and suggests discussion points for the BQ.
Here’s a screencast that explains how it works.

Full support for any question, issue, or problem

The feature that really sets our TOK resources apart from anything else available is the support offered by theoryofknowledge.net’s creator, Michael Dunn.
As the designer of the BQ framework, the writer of the newsletter, and an active user of the BQ lessons (which he updates and edits constantly), he can field any question on teaching TOK, overseeing the assessment tasks, or features of membership. Email him a question, and he’ll get back to you quickly with a full response.

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