TOK workshops & courses

We offer a wide range of live and recorded training for teachers and students, ranging from free quick explainer videos on the course basics, to week-long in-person workshops that will up-skill your entire DP student body and staff.

All of our workshops and courses share the same aim: to make TOK a genuinely life-changing experience for everyone involved in it, be they students, specialized teachers, or members of your educational faculty.

Find out more about our workshops and courses for TOK

Our workshops for teachers and students are engaging, authentic, and jargon-free, and provide attendees with practical guidance that will help them take ownership of the TOK course. Find out more and set up a session here.

Whatever your level of experience, our video training courses help you to take ownership of TOK, understand its potential to offer a life-changing cognitive experience, and ensure it functions as the hub of your DP programme. Sign up for a course – which you can follow at your own pace – here.

From our three-minute explainer videos, to our hour-long discussions on strategies for integrating TOK with the rest of the DP, our videos provide you with an approachable and engaging start to teaching and learning TOK. Find out more here.