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Our aim is nothing less than to help you offer a life-changing experience for your students and teachers. Faculty membership resources will enable you to do this, regardless of your level of TOK experience.

Faculty membership enables schools to share access to the site and its resources with as many members of your learning community as you want. Go straight to our payment portal here.

Nine benefits of faculty membership

Faculty membership is designed for your whole school, so with one payment, you are giving your whole teaching faculty access to these resources, and you can download an unlimited number of resources for your students.

Members can deliver the course via one of 3 different classroom-ready courses, each one comprising dozens of perfectly-paced lessons driven by the latest real-world situations.

Choose from our Big Question Framework, the more traditional Classic TOK lessons, or our latest Disruptive Ideas course.

Members also have access to a wide range of additional lessons which they can use to augment their course, and create a space to discuss issues going on right now.

You’ll receive 15 new mini-lessons every month, and enjoy access to our AI-lessons and lessons on the essay & exhibition.

Our monthly newsletter is the only one of its kind, and allows to explore the course via the latest events going on in the world, and bring onboard your whole DP faculty.

You’ll also receive a newsletter for younger thinkers, to prepare them for TOK. See the senior newsletter here, and middle-years version here.

Members can access dozens of padlets which allow students to explore the course to any depth, make links to the rest of the DP, and see how TOK manifests in the real world.

Have a look at Exploring TOK, our 12 Key Concept padlets, and Investigating Issues, and invite your students on a deep dive!

Our support is based on the principle that every teacher is a TOK teacher. So our resources are designed to be used by non-TOK teachers as much as TOK ones.

Check out our DP integration section, giving members ready-to-use mini-lessons and padlets for all 6 subject groups.

Our resources feature a wide range of brilliant thinkers from the past and the present, who will offer students a genuinely life-changing experience.

See who our Knowledge Heroes are, and check out TOK via TED, two key members-only resources on the site.

At the heart of what we do is the ambition to turn students into authentic critical thinkers. We apply this aim to a burgeoning range of resources for younger students at well as sixth-formers.

Choose from our Big Question Framework, the more traditional Classic TOK lessons, or our latest Disruptive Ideas course.

The world doesn’t stop changing – so nor do our resources. Every month we add new material, update existing resources, and find ways to improve the experience for members.

Check out the latest edition of the newsletter, download the newest mini-lessons, and see which issues people are talking about.

From the moment you decide to become a member, to the moment your students upload their final essays to their Candidate Dashboard, we’re here to help and support you.

Email us at, or use our contact forms, and we’ll get back to you quickly and comprehensively.

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Our members appreciate how innovative, engaging, and effective our resources are, partly because they are constantly being updated and edited, partly because they have been developed and improved over years. Read more here.

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