6BQ framework

Welcome to our new 6 Big Question framework for TOK, which offers a complete course of lesson presentations for the 2022 curriculum. Please note – if you’re on this page looking for a lesson for students before August 2020, then you’re probably in the wrong place! Northern Hemisphere TOK schools begin the course this summer; Southern Hemisphere schools in February 2021.

About the BQ framework

Each of our Big Questions represents a unit for TOK, and offers 12 ready-to-run 90 minute (ish) lessons. The BQ approach is our reboot for TOK, replacing the rather tired ‘shopping list’ approach of structuring the course via separate AOKs and (now) themes with a much more integrated method, that is driven by the very latest real-life situations, and the most significant thinkers who have shaped the world.

Each lesson is beautifully designed, centred around a single, measurable lesson objective, media-rich, and packed full of engaging and relevant activities. Although we believe firmly in textbookless TOK, we also believe that students should receive solid support for the course, and the BQ framework represents the solution we’ve created.

Use the BQ lessons alongside the TOK newsletter, the DP integration tool, the Knowledge lexicon, and our other innovative resources for thesubject, including the TOK filmography, to provide your students with not just the ultimate TOK experience, but the ultimate learning experience.

See how the BQ framework align to the 2022 syllabus here, and here’s a short screencast that runs through the main aspects of the BQ lessons, how they are arranged on the site, and why they represent the very best way of delivering the TOK course.

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Follow the links below to take you to the BQs. We’ve also provided you with a link to our DP Integration Tool. Note that pages are accessible only to users with an active membership to the site.

Links to the 6 Big Questions

BQ1 (Foundations) asks: “What is TOK, and why do we study it?” It looks at both the fundamentals of the course, and of knowledge itself. We consider most aspects of the course, paying particular attention to the core theme, knowledge and the knower.

BQ2 (Values) ask: “How does our knowledge about the world inform the way we construct our values?” It considers the relationship between the different AOKs and optional themes, and ethics. It looks at the arts, the natural sciences, and indigenous societies.

BQ3 (Spin) asks: “How is our understanding of the world influenced by the way knowledge is communicated?” Our primary focus is on human sciences; we’ll also look at how both technology and language can shift our understanding.

BQ4 (Perspectives) asks: “How do our perspectives and biases shape our knowledge about the world?” It looks at how we often seek to confirm our pre-existing ideas. History is the main focus, but we also think about the effect of religious and political perspectives.

BQ5 (Creativity) asks: “How is new knowledge about the world created?” It assesses how and why knowledge about the world changes over time.  
We’ll consider if language is being ‘dumbed down’, how science is provisional, and changes in the arts.

BQ6 (Experts) asks: “How do we become discerning knowers?” It looks at what it takes to become a sophisticated knower about the world. Students revisit various lessons from earlier in the course, and develop a deeper understanding of their key concepts.

We embed our support for the exhibition and the essay within the different BQ units. But on this page, you can go directly to the formative tasks which we’ve designed to build up students’ assessment skills, and find more guidance on overseeing the two tasks.

Our BQ management page offers you all the unit outlines in one place, a course index, guidance on using Google Classroom, and lots of other advice on how to manage the course, and offer a great TOK experience for your students.

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