Demystifying TOK for students

It’s easy to get freaked out by TOK. It deals with some strange concepts, there are loads of annoying acronyms, the two assessment tasks are unlike what you do in your other DP subjects, and it’s not clear why we call it a ‘core’ subject.

This hour-long webinar provides students with clarity and guidance that will help them start the course with confidence rather than confusion, and enables them to embrace TOK, and use it to their advantage – both within the DP, and beyond.

Purchase a ticket for the event 29 Aug 2024 / 2.00 PM (UK time)

Students’ first impressions of TOK can often be marred by its conceptual challenges, its unfamiliar structure, and the fact that it’s a mandatory requirement of the DP. This webinar will help you sell it to students, demonstrating that it is a fun and relevant course that will help them to become more effective thinkers, and give them a competitive edge when they apply to university.

The webinar is designed for students, but it will also provide a great introduction to TOK for parents who want to get more involved in their children’s education. DP educators looking for a quick-start guide to the course should check out our Demystifying webinar for teachers here, which will look more at DP integration strategies.

Tickets give access to the 90-minute event on Thursday 29 August, the video recording, the webinar presentation, and our responses to FAQs, sent out in a debrief shortly after the event.

About the webinar leader: Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn is the Cambridge-based founder of He has worked as a teacher for over 25 years, and has led TOK workshops in schools all over the world. He is one of the world’s most innovative and influential TOK educators.

His PD sessions are highly interactive, clear, and jargon-free, and offer participants practical takeaways that can be used effectively in the classroom. Find out more about him on this page, and see testimonials about his support from members of the site here.

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