Welcome to the members’ section of the site

Welcome to the members’ section of the site. The links below take you to our resources for the Theory of Knowledge. These will save lesson planning time and offer a brilliant educational experience for both students and teachers.

If you have any questions about using the resources, get in touch with us here.

TOK teaching & learning resources for members

Choose from three different course structures to deliver TOK, a range of ‘mini-lessons’, and lessons designed to develop assessment skills.

Our real-world resources focus on events happening in the world now. They place TOK in an authentic, engaging context for students.

Our TOK-world resources focus directly on central aspects of the course, such as the 12 key concepts, and the assessment tasks.

These two courses introduce younger students to the kind of concepts, thinkers, and skills that they’ll encounter when they study TOK.

The newsletter is our key resource for linking the course to the real-world, and applying TOK concepts to the latest events and issues.

Set up a TOK workshop

Our online and in-school workshops help both TOK and DP teachers channel the course to help students become effective real-world thinkers.

Set up either an in-school or online workshop, and unlock the full potential of TOK to offer a brilliant, engaging, integrated learning experience in your school.