Pre-TOK resources

Our pre-TOK resources will prepare younger learners for the kind of thinking they’ll need to get used to when they do the TOK course, and the skills they’ll require within the DP as a whole. These resources now have a new home in the ACT section of the site.

Find the resources for primary learners here, and our resources for middle years learners here. You can also go directly to some of the key resources via the buttons below.

Coming soon: the TOK preparation pack (May 24)

The TOK preparation pack will offer interactive guidance for learners who are about to start the TOK course. It’s designed to be used in the summer vacations before the new school year begins, and sets students a range of

thought-provoking, fun, and non-onerous activities to acquaint students with a few of the key concepts of TOK, influential thinkers, and real-world events and issues. Provisional date for release: 15 May 24.

Access our resources for younger learners

Click on the buttons below to take you to the pages for pre-TOK learners. If you have any questions about our memberships, workshops, and other support, don’t hesitate to get in touch at To become a member of the site, follow this link.

Help your learners to exit their echo chambers!

Our online and in-person workshops offer the usual support for students writing the essay and exhibition, and TOK departments designing great courses.

But our training sessions go much further than this: by focusing on authentic critical thinking, they demonstrate how to help learners confront, rather than confirm, their biases and assumptions, and exit their echo chambers. This makes them accessible and relevant for all teachers, whatever their subject or programme. Read more here.