TOK newsletter archive

The TOK newsletter archive

Our one-of-a-kind TOK newsletter is our key resource for linking learning to the real-world, and bringing on board your entire DP faculty.

Alongside our Primary and Middle Years Newsletters, it enables schools to create a continuum of authentic critical thinking that will take students on a life-changing epistemological journey, and help them to become nuanced and courageous thinkers.

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Our unique monthly newsletter is our most powerful resource for ensuring that the TOK course you deliver is always relevant, up-to-date, and covers issues that matter.

Every edition of the newsletter enables your entire DP faculty to link their subject to both TOK and the real world, and encourage students to develop their real-world critical thinking. Here’s a link to a recent edition. Find out more about the newsletter, and gain access to it every month, via this page of the site.

Ask a question about our newsletter

We’ll be happy to answer any question you might have about our newsletter.

These might include queries about how to use the newsletter in the classroom, why we think this resource is central to our mission of integrating TOK with the rest of the DP, and how to access the premium version of the newsletter.