Exploration Points

Exploration Points

Members can delve more deeply into every TOK theme and area of knowledge via our Exploration Points, and use this either to construct their own lessons, or provide students with highly-structured personal research tasks.

The resource comprises 66 Google docs, which align to both the Big Questions and the knowledge framework. We update these docs every month, so check back regularly for the latest version.

Accessing the Exploration Points

The Exploration Points documents are available to members of the site: join us to gain access to all of them! In the mean time, here are a few sample docs that you can download for free…

Set up a TOK workshop

Make full use of these resources by combining them with an in-school or online workshop for your DP teachers.

We’ll help you to integrate the course with the rest of the DP, channel TOK to develop real-world critical thinking, and unlock the full potential of this brilliant aspect of the Diploma.