50 disruptive ideas

50 disruptive ideas

50 disruptive ideas is our revolutionary new way of delivering the TOK course. Students will learn the key aspects of the course via key ideas, exciting events, and influential thinkers that will disrupt their assumptions, expectations, and biases about the world.

The lessons are based on our BQ framework, Classic TOK, and Mini-TOK, and can be used as a stand-alone course, or to augment our other resources. They can be delivered by any subject teacher, so this is another way to integrate TOK with the rest of the DP.

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Connects to K&K, natural sciences, and human sciences. Also relates to group 3 & 4
Connects to natural sciences, K&K, technology. Also relates to digital society, groups 3 & 4
Connects to the arts and K&K. Also relates to philosophy and group 6 subjects

Develop your students’ real-world critical thinking

Our workshops focus on a single, clear aim: to develop students’ real-world critical thinking across the curriculum, which we do via the exploration of big ideas, influential thinkers, and the very latest news events and issues.

Set up either an in-school or online workshop, and unlock the full potential of TOK to offer a brilliant, engaging, integrated learning experience for both your teachers and students.