TOK essay PPF

Completing and uploading the Presentation Planning Form (PPF) means that you’ve done the hard part of writing your essay, and are nearly at the end of the process. Your teacher will explain what to write in your PPF, but here are a few pointers.

Writing your TOK essay PPF

The three PPF comments are a record of what you discussed during the three . Your comments will not be assessed directly, but they should be taken seriously! They provide evidence that you have spent time and effort on your essay, and approached it in a systematic, planned way.
We strongly recommend that you write your PPF comments as soon as you have had your interactions with your teacher. This will mean that it will be fresh in your mind, and much easier to records – rather than having to remember what you talked about several months down the line. We also recommend using a platform like ManageBac to record your thoughts – this will make your life a lot easier.
Bullet points are perfectly acceptable for your PPF – indeed, this is a clearer way of recording the different points you covered in the interactions than writing full paragraphs. Try to get close to the word limit – it’s 689 characters for each interaction.

More support for the TOK essay

Make sure that your TOK teacher has given you access to all the documents and online material that support the essay. These include the TOK Subject Guide, the TOK essay rubric, and exemplar TOK essays (found in ‘MyIB’, which is accessible to teachers).
Make sure you go through our other pages on writing the TOK essay. You’ll find help on understanding what the is looking for, that works for you, what each of the should focus on, how to an effective TOK essay, and how to fill in your .
If your school is a member of, we have designed a series of lessons on the essay, with two formative assessment tasks. These will familiarize you with the essay rubric, knowledge questions, real-life situations, how to deal with perspectives and implications, and structuring an essay. If you are signed into the site, you can access these lessons here.
You can also find out our thoughts on the TOK essay (and the TOK exhibition) in several webinars that we have delivered. The main one is the TOK Assessment 2022 webinar, but we also consider this form of assessment in our free webinars on the 2022 course. You can see these webinars on this page of the site.

FAQs about the TOK essay PPF

Is my PPF marked? No, but it is a mandatory part of the TOK essay task. Writing a thorough PPF gives a great impression about your essay, and shows that you have followed the right process in planning, structuring, and writing it.
How do I submit my PPF? You should add your comments to the official TK/PPF form, and upload it with your TOK essay. This is all done on the IB dashboard, which is quite user-friendly. Ask your TOK teacher or DP coordinator to help you if you’re not sure.

Ask a question

We’ll also be happy to respond to questions you might have on the TOK essay. We can’t, unfortunately, reply to all of these, but we will try our best to offer answers to the most frequently asked, and post them here. Use the contact form to get in touch.