TOK 101

TOK 101 online video course

This four-module course is designed for those new to TOK, such as educators teaching it for the first time, and recently arrived DP faculty members who want tips on integrating it with their own subject.

We’ll take you through the aims and structure of TOK, how to oversee the assessments, strategies that place TOK in the centre of the DP, and how to use the members’ resources from the site to deliver a great TOK course.


Each module consists of a video lasting approximately 50 minutes, and is broken down into four or five individual lessons. At the end of each module, you’ll be asked to complete a short multiple-choice quiz which will help you to recap the content of the video.

At the end of the course, we’ll provide you with course notes that include links to the resources that we discuss, and a certificate of attendance. The course takes attendees around four hours in total to complete. You can study at your own pace!

Grasping the basics

Busting a few assumptions about TOK; Key features of TOK; TOK aims & skills; The TOK course structure; Designing & delivering TOK lessons; End of module quiz

The assessment tasks

Our aims as educators; The TOK essay; The TOK exhibition; Building the assessment tasks into your TOK course; TOK isn’t just worth 1.5 points; End of module quiz

Making TOK the hub of the DP

What do we mean by ‘TOK integration’; Real-world events and issues; 12 key concepts; Knowledge heroes; Building a strong TOK department; End of module quiz

The bigger picture

TOK & authentic critical thinking; TOK and university entrance; TOK life-long learners; TOK and the rise of AI; End of module quiz

ALSO INCLUDED IN THE COURSE The course fee also includes access to several of our premium webinars, including How to write a TOK essay, and How to create a TOK exhibition.

“You combine practical solutions with attention to aspirational pedagogy and reflection.” Read what people have been saying about us!

Our members appreciate how innovative, engaging, and effective our resources are, partly because they are constantly being updated and edited, partly because they have been developed and improved over years. Read more here.

Meet the course leader: Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn is the Cambridge-based founder of He has worked as a teacher for nearly 25 years, and has led TOK workshops in schools all over the world. He is one of the world’s most innovative and influential TOK educators.

His PD sessions are highly interactive, clear, and jargon-free, and offer participants practical takeaways that can be used effectively in the classroom. Find out more about him on this page, and see testimonials about his support from members of the site here.

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