Areas of knowledge (2015 syllabus)

The areas of knowledge are how we divide up and label the knowledge we possess. The 2015 TOK course identifies 8 different areas of knowledge, but although the nature of the knowledge within them undoubtedly varies, you should be aware that there is a great deal of overlapping both amongst themselves, and with the ways of knowing.

Updates the site

The site is now (May/June 2020) transitioning from providing course content that is based on the 2015 syllabus (with 8 WOKs and 8 AOKs) to the 2022 syllabus (with a Core theme – Knowledge & and knower, 5 Optional themesindigenous societies, language, politics, religion, and technology, and 5 ‘new’ Areas of knowledgethe arts, history, the human sciences, mathematics, and the natural sciences). This means that a lot of the materials on the site have been edited and updated, and some of it is now incorporated within these new sections of the site.

Discussion point documents

We’ve also moved a lot of the 2015 content onto ‘discussion point’ documents. You can access these Google Docs via the main pages of the different areas of knowledge, or by clicking on the links below. If you have any questions about accessing content, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.
The arts
The human sciences
Indigenous knowledge systems
The natural sciences
Religious knowledge systems

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