On 1st September 2021, we’ll be launching our ‘4C’ website, that will help non-IB schools hone critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration.

Critivicate is based closely on, and takes students on an incredible learning journey. The final learning product is a 4C portfolio, showcasing their thinking skills, and acting as a central, tangible element of their university application.

Pilot schools wanted!

We’re looking for schools around the world interested in piloting We’ll provide you with several months free membership to the site (including the newsletter, 4C programme, portfolio lessons, and all the other resources) in return for your feedback on using the website in your school. If you’re interested, and you run non-IB programmes, get in touch with us using the contact form below. We gave a short outline of Critivicate in a webinar earlier in the year, which you can view here.

Contact us

Find out more about, or about becoming one of our pilot schools, contact us using the form.

Pilot schools will receive a lifetime membership to the site, in return for occasional feedback about using the site’s pioneering resources.