TOK-world resources

TOK-world resources

Our TOK-world resources focus directly on central aspects of the course, such as the 12 key concepts, the TOK exhibition, TOK integration with the DP, and ways parents can get onboard and support their children’s learning.

The TOK-world should not be explored in isolation, so use the resources below alongside our real-world resources to fully develop your students’ understanding of the course.

Find guidance on what the 12 key concepts are, ways in which they link to the themes and areas of knowledge, and how to link them to real-world contexts. Every month we update this resource with new media sources and unpacking ideas.

The DP Integration Tool enables both experienced and new DP teachers to draw meaningfully and easily on the TOK course. We provide every teacher with a quick guide to TOK, key questions to explore within their lessons, and a regularly updated collection of media sources.

The exhibition prompt decoder helps students to understand and take ownership the 35 IA prompts, link them to the TOK course via the key concepts, the themes, and the AOKS, and explore them via quotes, questions, TED talks, and media sources.

The knowledge lexicon provides a list of more than 1000 key terms, and links them to media sources to explore them via real contexts. The lexicon features terms taken from the course, essential terms, and zeitgeist terms.

TOK is the perfect course for parents to get involved in, and our folders give them easy access to its ideas, aims, and assessment tasks, and enables them to support their children’s DP education, and help make their learning authentic.

Our faculty members-only live orientation sessions are designed primarily for those who are new to the site, but all faculty members can join us. We’ll give you a tour of the site, offer some tips to get the most out of our TOK resources, and field any questions you have.

Set up a TOK workshop

Make full use of these resources by combining them with an in-school or online workshop for your DP teachers.

We’ll help you to integrate the course with the rest of the DP, channel TOK to develop real-world critical thinking, and unlock the full potential of this brilliant aspect of the Diploma.