TOK lessons

TOK lesson resources

Our TOK lesson resources are beautifully designed, driven by the latest real-world situations, and packed full of media rich resources featuring the world’s most influential thinkers.

Lessons are tightly structured, with a single clear learning objective, starter and exit tasks, and suggestions for individual and group tasks. Resources are linked clearly to the course, and guidance given on how to build assessment skills

Accessing the TOK lesson resources

Faculty members have access to all of the resources below; individual members have limited access. Check the membership pages for more details.

For the 2023-24 academic year, we have created six new lessons looking at how to use ChatGPT to acquire knowledge about the world, and added suggestions throughout the other lessons, to help you draw on AI-tools effectively and ethically when running the course.

The BQ framework gives you access to 72 fully resourced lessons, organized into 12 units, each one exploring a different ‘big question’ about how we understand the world via a combination of different themes and areas of knowledge. COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR THE 2023-24 ACADEMIC YEAR!

The classic TOK lessons enable you to deliver the course directly via the core and optional themes and the areas of knowledge. You can also draw on our ‘briefing papers’ to introduce each aspect of TOK to students quickly and effectively. COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR THE 2023-24 ACADEMIC YEAR!

50 disruptive ideas presents a revolutionary structure to the TOK course, with each lesson focusing on an idea that will challenge the assumptions and biases of students, and set up an incredibly engaging teaching style. COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR THE 2023-24 ACADEMIC YEAR!

Our TOK mini-lessons offer quick, accessible lessons that can be delivered by all members of your DP faculty, thus helping you to set up an integrated learning experience. Check back regularly, as the mini-lessons are UPDATED EVERY MONTH!

Find 12 assessment lessons designed to develop essay and exhibition skills here. They will help your students to create fantastic final assessment products, and help you to draw on ChatGPT effectively and ethically. COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR THE 2023-24 ACADEMIC YEAR!

Explore the themes and areas of knowledge in depth and detail via the Exploration Points documents. These will help both teachers looking to create their own course, and students writing their TOK essay or exhibition commentary. UPDATED MONTHLY!

Set up a TOK workshop

Make full use of these resources by combining them with an in-school or online workshop for your DP teachers.

We’ll help you to integrate the course with the rest of the DP, channel TOK to develop real-world critical thinking, and unlock the full potential of this brilliant aspect of the Diploma.