Pre-TOK courses

Pre-TOK courses

These two courses introduce younger students to the kind of concepts, thinkers, and skills that they’ll encounter when they study TOK. They provide a fantastic educational experience in themselves, but they also prepare students effectively for TOK.

Embedding key ideas earlier also help them to become more active and enthusiastic members of the epistemic community, and ensure that they will ultimately become ‘life-long leaners’ and nuanced thinkers.

Thinking for Yourself

The 14 classroom-ready lessons will introduce learners to carefully curated range of brilliant thinkers and concepts, help them to acclimatize to the challenging and unfamiliar TOK world, and give them a powerful lexicon of knowledge-related terms. It is designed for students aged 14 – 15. Find out more here.


Our Worldviews lessons enable younger students (11/12 years old) to explore some of the ways in which we construct our personal and group identities, develop an understanding of the human and natural world, and how this affects our ability to interact with each other. Find out more here.